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Balancing Your Inner Energy

Happy Me Time

Balancing Your Inner Energy

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Balancing  Your Inner Energy

Balancing your inner energy and strength should be your regular routine, as life is carrying you day by day trough situations that take their toll on your inner strength. Every bit of stress and discomfort; every time you loose your calm and positive mental attitude – you are draining out your inner energy level.

As a result, you feel less motivated to do your work, complete your project or accomplish your goals. Less inner strength also means less mental power, lower level of resilience against challenges. To be at your peek performance you need your mental power and high level of resilience.

When your inner energy is in tune with the state of your mind, they are balanced and ready to reflect that internal force into your external life. By being consciously aware of that connection your inner self manifests its full power and you are free of negative emotions and thoughts.

However, many of us are restricting that connection in some conscious or unconscious way and we are experiencing feelings that we don’t want to be ours. Actually, emotions we fell during the day are accurate indicators of the degree of being in a balanced or disconnected state of our inner energy.


Why You Need The Inner Strength?

Inner strength is a food for your mental engine. In the same way as we have external engine, our bodies that need to work properly so that we can be able to function and perform our daily duties, we also have inner engine, our mind that is fuelling the body with power of focus and concentration, determination, attention and desire or motivation.

By feeding our external body with good quality of solid food, we keep it running and maintain its health. Our inner self also needs nourishment. By feeding our mind and consciousness with subtle energy, we are raising the level of our inner energy and strength.

People who regularly take their time to renew an re-balance their inner energy, enjoy more success and happiness. They are usually the kind of people who achieve more in less time with less energy spent. Those people attract into their lives more good than those whose inner energy is weak and depleted.

The more inner energy you have, the more you are able to connect with your inner self, the people around you and the energy fields that permeate the whole structure of our planet. Your inner energy resonates with the energy around you and is pulling you toward your desired destination.

When you are low on the inner energy level or your inner energy is in misbalanced state, you are not able to work as efficiently toward your goal, as you would be if your inner energy is tuned as it should be. The more inner strength you have, you are faster approaching to fulfilment of your goals and objectives.


How To Develop And Balance Your Inner Energy?

Each and every of us has some inner energy capacity. Some people have it more developed than the others, but we all have it and it can be increased and expanded.

The lever of your inner strength is not fixed by your birth, you can influence it and develop it more for your personal use or for the betterment of the lives of others.

You can start building up your inner energy immediately, as there are no special requirements. On advance level, you can increase your inner energy level and balance it in almost every situation. Here are some tips on how to start with a simple inner energy exercise:

    1. Find a peaceful place. This place can be some calm and disturbance-free space in your home or your work place. It can be outdoor near some body of water like a sea, lake or a river.

    2. Seat down in a comfortable position. Keep your back straight and look forward.

    3. Calm your mind by deep breathing. Slowly inhaling fill your lungs with the fresh air and while slowly exhaling, feel its calming effect on your mind and the whole body. With every inhale and exhale feel how your mind is more and more peaceful and calm.

    4. Now close your eyes and think of some nice peaceful place where you feel very good.

    5. Breathe in and out as long as it takes to come in a calm and peaceful state of mind.

    6. Fell yourself being in a calm, pleasantly relaxed state of mind.

    7. Now slowly, still deeply breathing, concentrate on the area around the navel.

    8. Fell your consciousness on that area and how with every inhaling and exhaling you are sending the energy of your breath to that part of your body

    9. Keep concentrating on the navel area and continue to fill it with the energy of your breath.

    10. After some time you will start to feel pulsation in the area of your navel. That means that you are performing the exercise well.

    11. After some time, open your eyes and become aware of your surroundings.

    12. Remain seated for a while and before continuing with your day, reflect upon your state of mind during exercise.

If you do this exercise every day for only ten minutes, your inner energy level will rise and will become balanced. Your mind and your inner energy will start to connect and you will experience more relaxed, in control of yourself and more motivated to have happy life.

Thank you for reading Happy Me Time!

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